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Common Faults and Solutions of Heat Shrinkable Sleeve Labeling Machine

  Shrinkage film is easy to accumulate material in the central column, the causes:

1. Poor shrink film;

2. The size of the shrink film does not conform to the design size of the central column;

3. Labeling machine is not adjusted properly.


1. Choose a high stability, good adjustment and high tolerance of shrinkage film size error of the sleeve marking machine;

2. Shrinkage film quality into factory control.


  Labeling machine is not accurate, cause:

1. Labeling machine is not adjusted properly;

2. Shrinkage film has static electricity.


1. Choose the sleeve marking machine with high stability, good adjustment and low electrostatic interference to shrink film;

2. Strengthen the technical training of operators;

3. Use electrostatic elimination equipment.


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