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  Online labeling machine is a new type of labeling equipment, widely used in the industry. How to better understand the online labeling machine? The most critical point is the online two words understanding, the specific content by the online labeling machine manufacturer Su Ren mechanical automation for you to introduce.

  By online, I mean in real time. The device can print labels and then label them in real time according to the functional parameters set on the computer. Take the company's real-time printing surface labeling machine as an example.

  Standard components of the equipment include a labelling head, a zebra printer, an industrial computer, a chuck slot, a conveyor belt, a stabilizer and a built-in rewinding reel. In addition, the configuration of diversified options, to provide a variety of production line choice. The operation steps are as follows;

  First of all, set the parameters in the industrial computer, in addition to the basic functions of the system can not be adjusted, adjustable content including labeling position, label surface information, different fonts, different graphics, bar codes, two-dimensional code setting. Industrial computers support long running, stable work, not to worry about sudden power outages or human error caused by data loss.

  Then the set parameters will be transferred to the zebra printer, the advanced printer print clear, without leaving any trace. Finally, with the delivery of labeling products, intelligent induction, fixed by the chuck groove, labeling head accurately labeling.

  The machine is developed with advanced technology, suitable for food, daily chemical, hardware, chemical, medicine and other industries on the plane labeling, users can according to the labeling information, fast positioning, product tracking.


  The above is the description of the equipment. In addition to the description of the real-time printing upper plane labeling machine, the company also has the detailed description of the real-time printing side labeling machine and the corner real-time printing labeling machine and other equipment.


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